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TO REPORT A GAS LEAK or other emergency:
Call 911 immediately

Mail payments to:
   Kentucky Frontier Gas
   PO Box 408
   Prestonsburg, KY 41653

Shipping & office address:
   Kentucky Frontier Gas
   2963 Ky Route 321 North
   Prestonsburg, KY 41653

   telephone (24 hours)
   toll-free (24 hours)

   fax (24 hours)

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Kentucky Frontier Gas
Kentucky Frontier Gas is a new utility formed in 2005, from companies which have delivered natural gas in Eastern Kentucky for more than 50 years. Frontier has about 4000 customers in Floyd and Pike Counties.

Public Gas Purchase
In December 2015, Frontier purchased the Public Gas system serving Jackson, Campton, Hazel Green and other communities near the Parkway. Former Public Gas customers have the same rate structure as before. Frontier has filed with the PSC to add 2 modest surcharges to gas bills in the former Public Gas rate area, as are now charged to other Frontier customers. The "AMR" surcharge will help to upgrade Public’s customer meters, and to add Automated Meter Reading or AMR. The "PRP" surcharge is to pay for a "Pipeline Replacement Program" for some upgrades and replacements to Public’s pipeline system. Both of these projects will add to safety and efficiency for Public customers.

Copy of the public notice for AMR / PRP
Link to PSC website for documents on this case

Who Does Frontier Serve?

PNG Trackhoe
Frontier will locate & mark
its buried facilities upon
proper request through
Kentucky 811
(800-752-6007). There is
no charge for this service.

811 Call before you dig

Kentucky Frontier Gas offers three classes of
gas service:
    Residential Service for use in a living unit.
    Commercial Service for use in commerce
   or enterprise.
    Large Commercial Service for use in
industry or a large campus-style facility.

Frontier may charge for certain conditions related to gas service, such as a Reconnection Fee, a Meter Transfer fee, and a Late Payment Charge.

Frontier will not perform installation or maintenance services on customer facilities downstream of the meter. Some health- and safety-related services are provided by Frontier free of charge to its customers. Such gratuitous services are limited to the following:

  1. Response to gas leak complaints
    regardless of cause.
  2. Response to fires regardless of cause.
  3. Restoration of service when outage is
    caused by Frontier.
  4. Bill investigations, meter and meter
    reading investigations, and routine
    maintenance of Frontier facilities.

Current Frontier Rules and gas Rates for each class of service are available from the Kentucky Public Service Commission.


Frontier Price Update
Natural Gas is your Best Buy:
Over the last several years, winter gas prices were equivalent to 3¢ per kilowatt-hour of electricity, or $1.00 to $1.25 per gallon for propane, or $2.00 per bag of wood pellets. Before you buy an appliance or fill that propane tank or pellet bin for $1000, talk to us about natural gas. You'll pay 1/2 as much and spread the payments over the whole winter. Or never feed that stove again.

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