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Kentucky Frontier Gas

Formed in 2005, Kentucky Frontier Gas runs dozens of little systems that have delivered natural gas to Eastern Kentucky for more than 50 years. Frontier has about 6000 customers in 13 counties - most of whom are in Breathitt, Floyd, Magoffin, and Pike Counties.

Public Gas Purchase

In December 2015, Frontier purchased the Public Gas system serving Jackson, Campton, Hazel Green and other communities near the Parkway. Former Public Gas customers now have the same rate structure as all other Frontier customers.

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TO REPORT A GAS LEAK or other emergency: Call 911 immediately.

Kentucky Frontier Gas

Kentucky Frontier Gas offers three classes of gas service:
  • Residential Service for use in a living unit.
  • Commercial Service for use in commerce or enterprise.
  • Large Commercial Service for use in industry or a large campus-style facility.

Frontier may charge for certain conditions related to gas service such as reconnection fees, meter transfer fees, or late payment charges.

Frontier will not perform installation or maintenance services on customer facilities downstream of the meter. Some health- and safety-related services are provided by Frontier free of charge to its customers. Such free services are limited to the following:

  1. Response to gas leak complaints regardless of cause.
  2. Response to fires regardless of cause.
  3. Restoration of service when outage is caused by Frontier.
  4. Bill investigations, meter and meter reading investigations, and routine maintenance of Frontier facilities.

Current Frontier Rules and gas Rates for each class of service are available from the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

Price Update

Natural Gas is your Best Buy:

Over the last several years winter gas prices were equivalent to 3¢ per kilowatt-hour of electricity, $1.00 to $1.25 per gallon for propane, or $2.00 per bag of wood pellets. Before you buy an appliance or fill that propane tank or pellet bin for $1000, talk to us about natural gas. You'll pay 1/2 as much and spread the payments over the whole winter.

Who Does Frontier Serve?

Photo highwaylandscapeKentucky Frontier Gas is a new utility assembled from several older, more familiar Eastern Kentucky gas companies. Under Kentucky rules, every gas pipeline must offer gas service to any residence within .5 mile. This rule resulted in a lot of folks getting gas service from many different pipelines and small utility networks.

Each gas utility has to follow pipeline safety rules from US DOT and the financial and tariff rules of the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Each utility has a billing and accounting system, managers and office staff, field workers, a 24-hour emergency response center, and written standards of service.

Photo farm2This isn’t an easy undertaking for smaller companies with 20 or 200 customers; Frontier has now merged into one entity with ten other utility companies:

  • Auxier Road Gas serves the communities of Auxier, Cliff, and the northern outskirts of Prestonsburg.
  • Belfry Gas serves the communities of Belfry, Forest Hills, Goody, Hardy, Huddy, Jerry Bottom, Leckieville, Murphys Bottom, and Price.
  • Blaine Gas is a former municipal gas system that serves homes, businesses, and the school around Blaine in Lawrence County.
  • BTU Gas serves customers on the west side of Salyersville, Elk Creek, Lickburg, Wheelersburg, Flat Fork, Jellicoe, Mine Fork, Maggard, Coon Creek, Buffalo Creek, Lakeville, Sublett, Royalton, Oakley, Swampton, and Half Mountain. 

          BTU Gas

  • Cow Creek Gas serves rural customers east of Prestonsburg on Cow Creek and around Endicott.
  • Cow Creek also serves former customers of Salyersville Gas and Sigma Gas in the communities of Salyersville, Mashfork, Falcon, Oil Springs, Royalton, Marshallville, Ivyton, Burning Fork, and along Abbott Creek.
  • Dema Gas serves the community of Dema.
  • Floyd County Gas or East Kentucky Utilities serves the communities of Allen, Dwale, Estill, Garrett, Hueysville, Lackey, Middle Creek, Minnie, and Wayland.
  • Mike Little Gas serves the communities of Bevinsville, Bypro, Melvin, Weeksbury, Langley, and Goble Roberts.
  • Peoples Gas was once part of Mike Little Gas and serves the Phelps community.
  • Public Gas serves the communities in and around Jackson, Campton, Hazel Green, and other communities near the Mountain Parkway.
  • Quality Natural Gas and Alert Oil & Gas and KLC and Interstate Gas had farm tap customers in Floyd, Johnson, Knott, Lawrence, Lee, Leslie, Letcher, Magoffin, Martin, Morgan, Perry, and Pike counties.

Photo farm3  We’re here to stay, we’re here to grow in Eastern Kentucky.

Call 811

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Locate & Mark

Locate  Frontier will locate and   mark its buried facilities   upon proper request   through Kentucky 811,   please call (800-752-6007) for assistance.   There is no charge for   this service.

Other Emergency

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TO REPORT A GAS LEAK or other emergency, call 911 immediately.

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