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You can now pay your bill online, apply for new service, or set up Auto Payments with  XBP Button 2 1h .  If you'd like to pay by phone or have questions please call our office. 

How to Read Your Bill

Photo ChristmasLightsFrom the early days, gas utilities measured and sold gas by volume. Most gas meters have 4 digits, the smallest of which shows 100 cubic feet, or one CCF.

All fuel prices increased dramatically in the 1970's. Many gas pipelines and utilities switched to selling gas on the basis of heating value. One British Thermal Unit (or BTU) is the amount of heat needed to raise one pound (pint) of water by 1° F. One BTU is about the energy produced by burning a wooden match

Kentucky Frontier Gas Rates

An electrical meter shows kilowatt-hours but there isn't a practical way to directly measure the potential energy of gas. Gas utilities measure volume and calculate heating value. In Eastern Kentucky, most gas companies sell gas by the Thousand cubic feet or "MCF". One MCF of typical natural gas at sea level will burn to produce about 1,000,000 BTU.

But most pipeline gas in Eastern Kentucky has small amounts of propane and butane and is "hotter" than normal gas. Typical Frontier gas averages about 1,200 BTU per cubic foot, or 1.2 Million BTU per MCF (one MCF is equivalent to about 13 gallons of propane).

Your monthly Frontier bill includes a fixed monthly charge which pays for utility operations and meter readings; if you use at least one MCF in a month, all MCFs are charged at the same rate.

A sample KFG bill and a calculation breakdown:

screenshot of kfg sample bill

Previous Read Date
Current Read Date
Previous Read
Current Read
CCF Used
Rate per CCF


Previous Balance


Gas Usage
Gas Base Charge
Auto Reader
Main Replacement

 Total Now Due

Date of Meter reading prior to current
Date of current Meter reading
Last month's reading in CCF
This month's reading in CCF
BTU Factor x Pressure Factor
Heating Factor x CCF
Current PSC approved rate ($/Therm)


Current Charges from last month

Payments made in the last month
Late charge, interest, reconnect fee, etc. 


$  .971



$ .00





Photo landscape tree

  • Late Payments and Assistance Programs
  • For unpaid balance more than 30 days past due, Frontier is authorized to charge a 10% late payment charge and may start the disconnection process. Please note that you are responsible for any costs incurred to us due to returned checks and service charges for collections. You will also be billed a re-connection fee if your gas has been disconnected or turned off at your request.
  • Current Frontier rules and Gas Rates are available from the Kentucky Public Service Commission.
  • The State of Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services has a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to provide help with energy costs. Please be advised that Frontier cannot sign you up for LIHEAP, however, you may contact them directly for assistance: visit CHFS LIHEAP for more information, or call 502-564-3440

Call 811

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Locate & Mark

Locate  Frontier will locate and   mark its buried facilities   upon proper request   through Kentucky 811,   please call (800-752-6007) for assistance.   There is no charge for   this service.

Other Emergency

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TO REPORT A GAS LEAK or other emergency, call 911 immediately.